A new heating and cooling system is a huge investment, so obviously, you need to make sure that no mistakes are being made during the purchasing and installation process. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the importance of hiring a professional HVAC contractor for the task, and as a result, they often experience problems down the road. Here are some of the most common mistakes inexperienced and amateur installers make on a frequent basis.

 Advising for repair instead of complete replacement

Knowing that many homeowners would prefer to pay a smaller amount of money on a repair process rather than making a huge investment in a new system, amateur installers often recommend a repair service when the unit obviously needs replacement. But, the truth is that continuing to repair an old and inefficient system is not an economical option. Although a new system costs more, you’ll recover your investment in no time.

 Choosing undersized or oversized units

The primary rule of purchasing a new HVAC system is making sure that it’s the right size. Sizing a heating and cooling system requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Your HVAC contractor needs to measure your home, determine the R-value of your house, and check the condition of your insulation system before they can choose the right air conditioner for your home. Failing to follow this procedure often leads to purchasing the wrong unit.

 Contrary to popular belief, oversized units will not cool your home faster. As a matter of fact, they may do it slower and less efficient. When the unit is too big for your home, it will cycle on and off often, leading to poor cooling performance and extensive wear and tear. A undersized unit, on the other hand, has to work harder to offer comfortable temperatures, and this may lead to high energy bills. The bottom line is that your system needs to be sized accordingly.

 In order to avoid such mistakes, you should hire a professional HVAC contractor like Brite Electric & HVAC. Our company is located in Longwood, FL, but we offer our services to residents in the surrounding areas as well.