As a company with over 30 years of experience, we have dealt with thousands of air conditioning systems and have been monitoring the growth and development of modern AC units and systems. Over the years, we have learned what the best way to ruin an air conditioner is. Getting the wrong capacity of unit is the first step of the process. The second step is leaving it without proper maintenance for too long. To avoid such situations, we recommend you choose wisely and get the right capacity of AC for your needs.

Air conditionerIf you don’t know what to look for in an AC unit, simply consult with an air conditioning contractor. Unfortunately, there is no way to get accurate advice about the kind of AC you should get. It depends on a lot of factors. So, if the salesman is trying to convince you that a certain machine is perfect for your needs, don’t trust him. A salesman can’t help you pick the right unit, because they have no idea how big your home is or how it’s positioned. That’s especially important when choosing a cooling system.

The best and most reliable way to select a cooling and heating system for your home is letting an air conditioning contractor measure it, and calculate the power needed to cool down such an area. They will estimate the composition and size of the place, and advise you about the capacity.

Air conditioners come in a wide variety. You need to choose a machine that has a good combination of capacity, brand, and price. If the price is low, the cost for repairs may be bigger and the capacity of the unit will be smaller. If the brand is reputable, you can expect it to last longer and perform better, but the price will be higher. You need to estimate the size of your home, ask a contractor where is the best place to install an AC system, and go get the right capacity unit.

If you can’t handle it or need any advice, simply give Brite Electric & HVAC a call.

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